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Top 20 random questions to ask strangers/people #2 - Answers (:
Published By Allie on 2012-06-05 175 Views

1. It would take the cows WHOLE life because there is no way the cow could milk itself. And even if it could then it couldnt milk itself because of its holves.

2. This is an opinion. But I personally think it would be live advertising or advertising walking.

3. Yes a guinea pig could be afraid of a fly or any insect.

4. It could be, it is not common very rare but yes it could happen.

5. Websites on Google says yes but Ive been feeding my hamster chococlate for over two years. I had two hamsters fed one chococlate one not the one I fed chococlate lived longer.

6. It depends on the vegitarian maybe spit it out or scream for eating an animal or go crazy

7. Only if you believe in magic c:

8. Its VERY hard!

9. Some do some don't really depends on the animal.

10. Some naturally are, the animal COULD be but its the animals perspective.

11. Many different ways, mostly the enviroment.

12. ----



14. Once water is heated it turns into a gas.

15. Because France is the Love place country.

16. A funeral?

17. -----

18. ---

19. I do not know to be completely honest.

20. I think it would be.

Over 500 people viewed http://expertscolumn.com/content/top-20-random-questions-ask-strangerspeople-2 so I thought yall would like answers, in my opinion.

12,13,17,18, I'm not smart enough to answer, sorry. I hope you can help. (:

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